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Hi, I'm Ján Handzuš alias Hans Trasid, digital artist from Slovakia/ Europe. 

I´ve been working for the music industry for several years doing album artworks, layouts, merch & apparel, tour posters, logos, stage sets and many more. This is my portfolio with my recent works.

If you got any inquiries about my artworks just drop me a message at the contact section.


5Rand, 7th Abyss, Aara, Abax, Absentia, Antimatter, Benevolent like Quietus, Betrayal, Bleeding Utopia, Castaway, Chaedrist, Constipation, Controversial, Cutterred Flesh, Dawn of Destiny, Destroying Divinity

Dim7, Dimension Eleven, Doomed Men, Dystopia A.D., Eagleheart, Elegis, Endless Main, Eternal Damnation, Eternal Silence, Fall a Prey, Fermento, Firegarden, Fonops, GodHateCode, Hæresis, In the Burial, Ivan,

Kings Winter, Lammoth, Machinations of Fate, Malefistum, Mindwork, Monsters Among Gods, Mourning Ashes, My Darkest Hate, Nibiru Ordeal, Nočný Život, Order 66, Orkrist, Perversity, Phobetor, Psychotic Despair, Relinquished, Requiem for Sirens, Rimortis, Samhain, Sax, Sebastien, Seven, Smashed Face, Strains of Bellum, The Deathisodes, Titanic, Two Face Sinner, Unconventional Disruption, Under the Pledge of Secrecy, V.A.R., When Plagues Collide, and more.

Labels, companies & festivals

Brutal Assault Fest, Time to Kill Records, Trollzorn Records, Naturmacht Productions, Underground Records, Black Lion Records, Immortal Souls Productions, Bizarre Leprous Production, Nice to Eat You Records, Ram It Down Records, Brutal Bands, Ray of Hope Records, Scarlet Records, Sliptrick Records, Underground Symphony, Deathrune Records, Maintain Records, Church of Eradication, Solitude Productions, Redefining Darkness Records,Fastball Music, Shindy Productions, Massacre Records, Inverse Records, Forensick Music, Black Jasper Promotions, Metal Age Productions, L'Inphantile Collective, NRT-Records, Stars Agency, Escape Music, Pride & Joy Music, Smile Music, Nuclear Blast, PigeonShit Agency, Fobbit Records, Non Serviam Records, Memorial Records and more.

Interested in working with me? Just send a message here: