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Artwork and Full album layout for Power Metal band from Czech Republic.

"The album will be called "REVERSE", in the sense of the contrary to restart. The album does not have a closed concept, but the lyrics follow a story... the beginning of the story in the last song (Painting The Shadows By Light) and the end in song first (Healing The Scars). Musically, it will be a much darker album than previous "Dreamtherapy", but at the same time the lyrics are more motivational lyrics with topics such as coping with the loss of someone close, loss of motivation, how our thinking is affected by fear, lack of self-confidence, pretense, etc.

As for the cover motif, I'll probably leave it to you, but we definitely want it to be darker. And it could be a cycle of opposites, day / night, winter / spring, love / hate, good / evil and definitely we want incorparate some universe in the background. Overall, don't know, these are our ideas...I will let it up to you.
Sorry for such an essay, ooking forward to it! :)"

/MIchal "Mike" Kus - Guitars, Vocals/

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