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Artwork for Melodic Power Metallers from Czech Republic.

"The new album will be called "Integrity" and will be sung for the first time completely in Czech!!! 
We are talking about the integrity (ie cohesion) of the past, present and future; human society as a whole, rooted in history; men and women in harmony with their traditional roles; the body, mind and soul of each person; and in a figurative sense also the band and individual instruments in the resulting musical harmony.
As a cover, I would really like this idea ... a bright background (on which our band symbol could be somehow "indistinctly" hidden ", for example, as such post-apocalyptic architecture preserve the geometry we have had on the packaging for some time). ..there would be 2 figures in the center - male and female - as a modern archetype of Adam and Eve .... It occurred to me that perhaps a glow could come from their hearts (but it is not a condition) , at the top our logo and at the bottom just the name INTEGRITY (in some modern font) ... The whole thing should be quite minimalist, beautiful to look and a bit "pink floydish" ...
???? Could you try something, please?"

/George Rain - Guitars, Vocals/

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