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Artwork for Melodic Power Metallers from Czech Republic.

"The EP should pass from the blue alaC from left to darkness on the right - which seems to be attacking the blue light ...
Text B.T.W. is based on the movie 'Constantine' - as behind the world we see, there are other dimensions where the fight between good and evil takes place and it is up to each of us which side to join ...
In the entire lower third of the envelope, the planet Earth would be ... bright in the blue half, but somehow more sinister in the darkness ...
In the center would again be our symbol (on the dark side somehow rusty or disturbed), at the top the band's logo and at the bottom the name "Behind The World"...... the whole thing should look modern and slightly apocalyptic.
Could you look at it for us, please?"
/George Rain - Guitars, Vocals/

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